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Divine Expressions Arts Academy

Every Tuesday 6:30 pm to 8 pm | Ages 4 years and over | 42 East Scott Street – Riverside, NJ 08075 | 609 949 3737



Karen Lightfoot BPM is a passionate, cutting edge prophetic minister of the arts who desires to bring forth a fresh impartation to those who earnestly seek after God by worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth! Her 14 years of dance and arts background consists of initially being trained by the Holy Spirit with a special anointing in ministering with flags. During this 14 year span she has successfully completed 2 years of arts training school at Breaking the Barriers Arts Academy as well as participated and directed in dance ministries, speaking engagements, conference workshops and is an arts consultant. Her accomplishments and successes have been driven and motivated by her love for Jesus Christ and a heart for lost souls to come in to the Kingdom of God. She has overcome many obstacles in life by walking in faith, purity of heart and obedience to God. Her leadership strengths consist of keeping God’s standards high in every area of life, especially in the arts.  Karen and her husband Ken, have been married for 31 years, have 1 son and reside in Willingboro NJ. They are both certified Health Ministers through Hallelujah Acres, ordained licensed ministers. They are pastoring Riverlution Church in Riverside, NJ  having a strong emphasis on the arts, providing a place of worship for sculptors, painters and movement artists.

100_0941_0002-1What is Praise Dance? The first thing we need to establish before understanding what praise dance is, we must first determine what the Word of God says about it. It should never be based on what my thoughts and opinions are in regards to dancing in the church but should always be about aligning everything we do to the Word of God which is our final authority. God makes it perfectly clear that we are not only released to freely dance in His House (church) but are commanded to do so:1. THE RELEASE TO DANCE: Psalm 149:3 “Let them praise His name in the dance: let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel (tambourine) and harp.”
2. THE COMMAND TO DANCE: Psalm 150: 4 “Praise Him with tambourine and dance; praise Him with strings and pipe!”It sounds to me that God loves to be worshiped in the dance, with tambourines (timbrel), harps, pipes and with ALL different types of musical instruments! (read Psalm 150) God simply loves to be worshiped in a variety of ways! Unfortunately, we try to box God in and keep Him confined to our sometimes narrow minded points of view but once again, the Christian walk is never about our views and opinions but walking in total liberty to Biblicaly based principals, which in this case, is worship to our God.Now that we know we are permitted to dance according to God’s holy Word, We can now ask: What is praise dancing? Praise dance is answering the call to minister as a priest unto the Lord, in the dance. (Isaiah 61:6) Praise dance, also known as worship/liturgical dance, is one form of worship unto the Lord


through movement. Praise dance, unlike worldly dance, is a priestly ministry where the dancer worships God in spirit and in truth, keeping Christ as the center of attention.For the movement artist, it is not enough for him or her to just stand, clap and sing while worshiping God but it is where the dancer feels an inner calling to step out and move freely on the inner courts of God’s Throne room to express a heart that is full of love, joy and thankfulness through their movement. Praise dance can also be another way to bring a message from God’s heart to God’s people through movement. It can be done through a choreographed dance or a Spirit led (prophetic) dance.

TYPES OF DANCES:  Choreographed dance

5852_1057438131076_1679568823_125201_6079182_nThere is a “free flowing” in the spirit for the praise dancer to use their bodies, as the temple of God, to demonstrate intimacy and devotion to God. Warfare dance: are dances used in intercession and preparing an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move in a service or wherever you are ministering.


You can use different instruments of war: tambourines, flags, billows, scarves, streamers etc. to take authority over the kingdom of darkness and see people set free from any strongholds that are binding them.All of the above are just a few ways to minister as a praise dancer  (Please see chapters 2, 3 and 5 in my book for a deeper understanding of the ministry of dance and weapons of war)WHAT PRAISE DANCE IS NOT: (Please see chapter 2 in my book)It is not to be used or looked upon as a “performance” but as a ministry. This is very important to get understanding on this subject as it will make all the difference in the world whether or not the Holy Spirit or the anointing will be on your dances.Dancers are not performers but priestly ministers who worship before a holy God at the altars of God.


A performance mindset is about the “performer” and not about God. We are to hide ourselves behind the cross so those who are watching our dances will only be able to see Jesus! Jesus is always the center of attention, not us.We need to guard against fleshly, worldly mindsets and retrain the body of Christ through our vocabulary that praise dancing is a priestly ministry that is sacred, holy and totally set apart for the glory of God. (Romans 12:1-2) There should never be selfish motives attached to this ministry such as competitions, winning money etc. A pastor would never dare to step behind a pulpit to deliver God’s Word and be put in some kind of competition with another pastor on which one gave the better sermon! That would be blasphemy….so it is the same for the ministry of dance. We are called by God to preach the Word of God through movement; plain and simple.



BibleMom-1patrickThis is just a small

peak of what is released by God in my book. Take the time to study and show yourself approved by God (2 Timothy 2:15) and get wisdom on the subject. I challenge you to flow in excellence for the King; He has provided a way of understanding for you to achieve this excellence by applying the principals written in my book “The Dancing Warrior Bride!”       


The Dancing Warrior Bride Book 


The Dancing Warrior Bride is a book on spiritual alignment for those who desire to minister in the arts. It is not for the faint or weak hearted. It is for those who dare to be sharpened and challenged by the Word of God so one can operate in a “spirit of excellence” that takes you “beyond the dance”.There is special training emphasis on how to minister in the anointing by applying spiritual disciplines of walking in purity, holiness and the fear of the Lord which are all included in this life changing arts course. You will quickly discover that “the dance” is the very last thing God requires of the movement artist.Here are some of the training techniques you will learn throughout this book: Chapter 1  “Welcome to Spiritual Boot Camp-Preparing for War”Chapter 2 “Introduction to Dance-Understanding Your Call to Duty”Chapter 3  “The Ministry of Dance and the Prophetic”Chapter 4  “Priestly Garments”Chapter 5 “A Clarion Call to Arms-Weapons of War!


(Tambourines, Flags, Streamers, Billows, Fans and Colors) Chapter 6 “The Ministry of

Pantomine/ Mime”Chapter 7  “Evangelism and the Arts”Chapter 8  “Conditioning the Body through Nutrition and Physical Training”God is raising up and calling forth a worship warrior Bride to make an impact in this generation. It’s time to enlist…He Wants You!


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